A Message From Junior

The following letter was intercepted by an anonymous patriot and forwarded to this blog:

From: Mr Nick Fatheropoulos

Manager,Audit/Spend Section and Buy All Oil Shares Chief, Sheikh to be, assist to the Head of Bank of Bannania (BOB), Xlou-Xlou , Patriotic Republic of Tossofstan (PRT)


Havra you today? Ola OK koumbare? Please be informed that I have to decided make trust with you for some confidence rousfetiko kleftiko transaction from you to me. Anyways here is the dealin…me and my pops, President for Life Tossof Fatheropoulos have making some extra cash here and there, on the gas, oil, some toy guns we buy from Chinese man in the east and the Pepsi share we make from Coca American Soft Drinks. Don't tell my pops I writing to you because letter like this no good opinion pollous in pre-erection period.

So we ask you to makin brave move. Trust in us koumbare and we become rich threemerous. You-Me & Him - £213 Million is what we can makin through this 1 day alishiverishin. And you get to keep the 49% shares for ourselves!!! All you do is take my transfer, give it back and then we discuss leptomeries through my personnel advice peoples Tazzo Johnnys – yes he who look like the old angry cartoon animal from under down and George Dillydallylillylikas – Mr No-Euro-Harvravad-JR to you' who take it all from whatever direction it comes – money it is – and it is all ok to him.

I know I know, you hearin the stories too about my father, from Jimmys Christofas, Tofis Annanas, Bunk The Moon, Johnny Kasorolalides, Kochos Xemistonenekos, and of course Nick Throw The Tasakiades. But let me saying something, despite all the him, my Father is the misunderstood man of the Thimomena Ethni…

They say his Eminems is always use to being reject. In fact many people in my batritha call him a 'No No-kos' because he say the meglamanic 'Oxi' to Annanas Skitzon 5. Any way, that is another story, which made my father cry at the time of his big TV abofasi when shares price tissue hit top bottom red alert. But we don't live in the past we just love to make it again happen. Back to the psito I want you to send to me all the details, in no confidence vote - you know ena ena - ID bank noumero Passaport biometriko (so I can to visit George Bushas Big White House), name of wife and her personal mobile, and nationalist insolence number so that I can katharisi ta oula brin na to baris habari vre Flou Fli sleepin boy.

For the ebitixis of this secret kouventoula mas you should do as we say on voting day and give all the money back. In return, we take your psishin, and your wife to the Piribimbis Sandwiches to eat some area koubanistiko. Please note, that in a business of this mafiazo statue, the bank don't want to know your differences with me, him and us - remember we are not the threemerous – we take you give you leave – end of story. In life, how you votin, yes or no, en metra because the bank account says it all – you, we, us, everybody, just noumera for Mr Sorris to play with. So, it is brotimis for us to achieve this grand souxe without any problem, police or Banana Republic resistance people knowin what we do. This is the big secret scandalo – don't send this nobody else….What S300 koumbare mou - I bring the gas with natural dynami, fassolic power tis klanias!!! UNTASSABLE- they cannot touch this! Koumbare I need your urgent antithrastik, for so-easy ebikinonis. Please abantis if you want to make para for votes to my other email nick-it-all@globalkleftes.con

Thanks for the Spatali my Patrikou Xronou,

Mr Nick Fatheropoulos – soon to be his Eminens

P.S. please, se barakalo, ibamen, with your mind, don't say a 'YES' to my father because he will send me to clean the toilets of Messrs Tayip & Abdullah in the next Conference gathering of Islam via boat to the Syria from the KateXomeini lands. I am just a good Christian Greek boy, trying to make a kouchin kouchin monastirik old calendar way of living.

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