Georges to Decide Later

Former Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Yiorgos Lillikas and George Iacovou at this morning's press conference, held at the Shistris Tavern and Convention Centre.

The Association of Former Ministers Called George today announced their intention to formally announce whom they intend to back in the 2008 Presidential elections by the end of September.

When asked by a diplomat, present at the press conference, whether it was true that if Makarios III were still alive he would turn 94 on August 13th, Iacovou (a former presidential hopeful in his own right) simply replied "Yes", while Lillikas nodded in agreement.

The former ministers were also adamant in denying rumours that they had recently been trying to boost their membership by approaching former presidents, also named George, to join the ranks of the newly formed association.

Furthermore, Lillikas reiterated that rumours suggesting that they had also been approached by Yiorgakis Perdikis were not only unfounded but "would lead nowhere, seeing as Pertikos has already settled the matter regarding his own candidacy with none other than the Almighty Himself."

Cocktails were later served in the main lobby of the conference center, despite the early hour of the event.


Psychia said...

Nomizw na tous dosoun apo koinou to ypourgeio GEORGias.

Noullis my man, how can I contact you?

Noullis said...

At your service, always, contactable at:


ksenos daktilos said...

mporoume na allaksoume to tiflotiko background colour tziai stin thesi tou na valoume ena pio apalo? :p

Lexi_penitas said...

Gia na megalosoun to association tous tha tous proteino na kalesoun ton Giorko tis Kakas tziai ton Giorko ton Klaklaro!

Noullis said...

Sympatriotes, sympatriotisses,

Ti exoun ta xrwmata touta. En ta xrwmata tou topou mas sior. Tziai Tzitrinon exoumen tziai prasino pou ti shmaia mas. Kotsinon tziai mple pou antiprsopefkoun tes koinothtes tou topou.

Eimasten patriotes '3a en eimasten?

O Giorkos ths Kakas arneitai na topo8eth8ei prwtou apofashsei o Giorkos ths Kakas.

Ypourgeio GEORGEias! Yeah baby!!!

Noullis said...

"η επανεκλογή Τάσσου θα ισχυροποιήσει έτι περαιτέρω τη δημοκρατία στο νησί"