Lust for Glory

Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 07:37:50 -0700 (PDT)
From: "foreign finger" theforeignfinger@yahoo.com
Subject: weblog offering commentary on the 2008 presidential elections
To: news@cna.org.cy


We would like to inform your agency of our recent activities, which aim at undermining the democratic process of the February 2008 elections in service of the turkoangloamerican interest and in furtherance of their evil schemes.

We have created a weblog offering commentary and a variety of different perspectives on the upcoming presidential elections. The weblog can be accessed here.

Our interdisciplinary approach to the election and the issues arising therefrom becomes apparent once you considers [sic] the composition of our elite band of pundits. Our group consists of lawyers, political scientists, one economist, one psychiatrist, and one scuba diving instructor.

You are invited to give notice of our existence to the public at large so that the people of Cyprus can be aware and prepared to fend off any attempts on our behalf to penetrate their fragile little minds and incite them to commit crimethink.


The Foreign Finger


Noullis said...

Freddy says: "UNFAIR!!"

I say "shit happens", so to speak.

Psychia said...

Λαλείς να μεν μπει στα spam τους?

Noullis said...

giati tzeina pou dhmosiefkoun pothen ta briskoun nomizeis...

Ξένος Δάκτυλος said...

pou to junk mail fisika :p

nekatomenos said...

Na to do touto dimosievmeno tzai ti ston kosmo.

Noullis said...

Ekamen ta mpillies. An men eishe balei tziai filakia sto telos eishen na dhmosieutei. Twra gyrefkoun to gia se3oualikh parenoxlhsh!