Drink!!! Feck!!! Girls!!!

If anyone out there has seen so much as half an episode of "Father Ted", they would know that there is a certain sense of propriety and priority in life.

It is very amusing (a polite way of saying booooooooring) to see 500 word [over-long] comments in response to 200 word posts. I really have no energy to waste my time reading school essays. And yes, it is as if you're threatening a child with the imminent arrival of the police...

PLEASE, children, can't you see that you are being led by a president who is nothing but a paranoid alcoholic??

Wake up!!


Noullis said...

Of course I'm not expecting any responses. Half the idiots on line are still fucked in the head about language and the other half are too busy doing as they've been told by the 'grown-ups'.

Fuck 'em!!!

Demetris said...

I hear you are a racist now Father.

Noullis said...

@ demetris:

Bless you!!

Lexi_penitas said...

Εσσε κατάλαβα. Δηλαδή ποιον να ψηφίσουμε;

Που σου νέφκω που παεις ρε Νουλλη. Τούτον εμπορούσε να σχόλιο πουκάτο που το τεεεεραααααααστιιιιιοοοοοοο του ΑΧL

lenu said...

aaaa goustarrr!!