One of the downfalls of democracy is nothing less than that little detail at the heart of the mechanism - the vote.

The vote, you see, is not weighted. So, once you are of legal age to perform fellatio, you are also entitled to a vote.

But even with fellatio, one has a certain standard to which one either adheres, or - at least prefers.

A good vote caster does more than fulfill the fetishist desires of the votesucker. A good vote caster can actually convince the recipient that the experience will be unique.

Now that the island's pre-eminent pimp and white slavedriver has passed away (R.I.P. Kammouyiaros), we may have to consider the option of weighted vote casting.

Please note that whoever sucks may not necessarily be the one who casts or receives a vote.

Scenario 1: I did it the same way as mom [and/or dad]: 0.4 votewieght

Scenario 2: I did it on my knees because I can take it and the recipient loves it: 1.1 voteweight

Scenario July 8th: I voted NO (Annan, Onan, Annan) during the referendum and now I'm sucking because I know I should start making people happy instead of angry with what a loser I am: 2.7 voteweight.

Any thoughts on the matter?


Sceptic Anonymous said...

Τωρά εσύ θέλεις σημασία ή ηδονίζεσαι με τις ασυναρτήσίες σου;

Noullis said...

Men tou dias shmasia, re sceptic....