There is Penis

What a little coffeeshop this forum has become! We have a person who actually has the courage to call him[her]self 'Tassikos'. A brave move that comes with the excess and vacant-minded baggage of references to the Annan plan. The rejection of the said satanic plan saved Cyprus - that insignificant, third world corner of the European Union , where voters are sheep and the sheep are nervous. I mean, all that Greek Orthodox testosterone is bound to make sheep keep their bumholes firmly placed against the wall (Miiiiilwaaaaall!!).

The most corrupt member of the European Union (after Bulgaria) is headed for elections and the idiots are prepared to vote for Tassos. The man who raped the island (only because he never felt attracted to himself) and the idiot who never negotiated the same Annan plan that his whores claim he always hated.

It's a shame that so many people have the right to vote.

It's a shame that the 25th member of the EU has proved to be the Zimbabwe of the club.

It's a shame that the most backward nation of the EU is considered to be an 'equal member'.

It's a crime that Yiannakis [racist pig] Nicolaou is still allowed to appear on a TV show sponsored by taxpayers (Yiannakis - the Britney Spears of Cyprus who thought he could be as important as that jerk, Lillique, by abandoning the party that got him the job in the first place)

It's an insult to intelligence that Yiannis Kareklas remains in the proverbial closet.

It's a crying shame that Stavriani Constantinou is forced to stay in the shadow of La Kenevezou (with or without Emilia's new hair-do).

It's a travesty of that inconvenient disease we call democracy that my mother's cleaning lady also has the right to cast a vote, having been denied the rudimentary right of a basic education. After all, we are talking here of the only country in the EU whose Ministry of Education [sic] has never introduced a curriculum of indigenous history.

And on and forth the idiots march - as half-wits, to the tune of 'Annan, Annan, Avnan'. One day they will go blind!

Ela kentron, eimai dame stes diskothikes - eshei kamian koursa?


Tassikos said...

You seem to be using your advantage of being able to post your own articles on this site as a means of saying lots of nonsense and personal attacks. I could easily call you an idiot too, but i won't use such remarks. It all shows the panic you are in, just relax my friend. You might not be in ownership of all the wisdom and right-doing in this country after all.

Tassikos said...

By the way, your post is full of racist and discriminatory remarks. I am just pointing it out in case you didn't noticed.

You seem to be living with a dream of a facist society where voting rights are only allocated to those that have similar views to you and to the rich ("it's a travesty of the inconvenient disease we call democracy that my mother's cleaning lady has the right to cast a vote")

indeed panic can reveal the true character you have inside you.

Noullis said...

It is not a matter of personal wealth, but rather my own discrimination against the ill educated morons who have the right to vote, based merely on the fact that their father ejaculated at a certain point in time.

As for racism, Iwould refer you to the distant voice of your retarded masters.

Choose life!!

Noullis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Noullis said...

Tassikos' last comment was removed due to its offensive nature.

This blog will NOT condone overtly racist remarks.

Tassikos said...

Well it is obvious who is acting in a racist way. Blocking other people's messages. There was absolutely nothing racist or offensive in my message. Bring it back online and people will judge if there was anything offensive in it.

Tassikos said...

I call upon all other facilitators of this blog to act immediately and take a position as to the language used by Noullis in his postings and his behaviour to block other member's comments. Is this blog open to all views or only to the ones that serve specific political position and candidancies for the upcoming elections ?

Its a travesty for a person who posted such bad language comments and postings a minute later to block other people's comments on his own judgment that they were offensive and racist. I challenge him to bring back online my comment, there was absolutely NOTHING offensive in it. I ask the rest of the faciliators of this blog to take a look at it and take a stand as to whether any offensive remark was included in it !

Facism has to end.

Anonymous said...

"...σσσσhhhhhhh.... ε Νούλλη, κανεί μπανισhτήρι με τα πιπίνια τζιαι έλα προς το γραφείο, έχω σου μια παραγγελία. Ρέξε που την πιτσαρία του Κώτσου τζιαι μετά που τη πιραρία, θέλει ο μάστρος τη συνηθισμένη του τζιαι μια special..."

Some people don't like their own medicine. Are the gallows at Eleftheria's Square busy nowadays? I need to go hang myslef.

the Idiot Mouflon

Lexi_penitas said...

I understand that pushing your adrenaline to the limits at 5 in the morning can cause accidents.

I suggest:

1. Noullis reproduces the deleted comment. He is not the judge of the blog. The elitist, kryptorasist ideas in Noullis post could have provoked a "rude" comment.

2. Administrator gives the right to Tassikos to post his own article as he is been an active visitor for quite sometime.

3. All members try to keep from writing insulting, offensive and provocative comments, as to keep some minimum decency on the blog. There is still a long way to go.

drakouna said...

Noullis, I don't agree that only educated people should vote. Voting in a democratic country should be universal, whether we like it or not. Morons may vote in a certain way, but it is up to the political candidates to convince people to vote for them.

Αν δεν μπορούν να τους πείσουν, δεν φταίνε οι morons αλλά οι candidates.

Bring back the comment.
Bring back J.F. Kennedy.
Bring back Elvis.

Go easy on the "fascism" word mister. Ότι δεν μας αρέσκει δεν είναι αυτόματα φασιστικό.

AXL said...

Συμφωνω με τον Lexi- penitas και την Δρακουνα.

Κατα τα αλλα ειμαι πολλα κτιτζιαμσενος με τον Noullin.

Εδωκεν αφορμην του tassikou να κλωσει τζαι να μεν μου απαντηση ποτζι στο "Περηφάνεια στα μούτρα σας" για το ποτε επηρεν πρεφαν ο κραντε παιχτης τασσος οτι δεν μπορουσεν να αλαξει αυτα που συμφωνησε ηδη ο κληριδης στεροντας μου την ψυχαγωγιαν.

Τα νευρα μου.

Καλημερα σε ολους εκτος απο τον Noulli.

milaz said...

"It's a travesty of that inconvenient disease we call democracy that my mother's cleaning lady also has the right to cast a vote, having been denied the rudimentary right of a basic education. After all, we are talking here of the only country in the EU whose Ministry of Education [sic] has never introduced a curriculum of indigenous history."

This statement was induced by:
a. the fact that out educational system is a joke.
b. someone does not like their mom's cleaning lady.
c. someone thinks that only the uneducated do not vote as they do.
d. alcohol or other psychedelic substances.
e. "denied education" means "denied education" or "denied a propaganda-free education".

Joshoua said...

Τζιαι εγώ νομίζω ότι ήταν υπερβολικός ο Νούλλης.Τζιαι με το άρθρο,τζιαι με τα σχόλια.
Στο κάτω,κάτω η γνώμη εν όπως την τρύπα του κώλου.Ούλλοι έχουν μια τζιαι ούλλους μυριζεί διαφορετικά.
Τελικά ρε κουμπάρε,αν τον θέλουν τόσο πολλά ας τον ψηφίσουν.Εν τζιαι εννα φκώ που την ζωή.Αμα ο άλλος εν καταλάβει,εν καταλάβει.
Εγω είμαι πρόθυμος να συνεργαστώ με οποιαδήποτε κατάσταση (στο εθνικό θέμα) που να προβλέπει ειρήνη τζιαι αποστρατικοποιήση. Αμα το μεγαλύτερο ποσοστό θέλει έτσι,έτσι να κάμουν.
Το πολλή πίανω τα κοπελλούθκια μου τζιαι την γενέκα μου (αν κάμω οικογένεια) τζιαι πάω στα νησία Φαρόε ή στην Γη του Πυρός να μείνω να γλυτώσω.

Anonymous said...

Νούλλη, νομίζω να βάλεις το σχόλιο του τασσικού για να κρίνουμε από μόνοι μας. Για να μεν παίρνει πάνω του τζιόλας ότι επανικοβληθήκαμε.

Ρίψασπις said...

Bring back the comment.

Oh, and the education requirement for a vote is too arbitrary. Koutsou is educated.

Noullis said...

Now, THAT was interesting. The deleted comment was NOT posted by Tassikos, who, of course conveniently avoids the fact.

The comment was mine and it was deleted because it wasn't as well written as he post. It was merely a case of too much bone and not enough dog.

As for one person one vote: How about a weighted vote. Every 5 idiots get to share a vote, with the average Tassos supporter being allowed a maximum of 0.5 vote.

Fair is fair.

milaz said...

Ela kentron... hbra koursa...

Noullis said...

@milaz: E oi re koumpare, eimai dame sto Sam's na faw!

@Tassikos: I agree with the general feeling that you should post on this blog. Please send an e-mail to stravaraland [at] gmail.com so that we can invite you to join the fun.

Anonymous said...

Παίδες, ψηφίζουμε ότι είμαστε και εκλέγουμε αυτούς που μας αξίζουν. Ο Τάσσος και οι συν αυτόν, φαίνεται πως μας αξίζουν παραπάνω που κάποιους άλλους, που στην περίπτωση της Κύπρου, απλώς είναι μονόφθαλμοι (εκτός από κοντόφθαλμοι) Αν οι Τασσικοι καταφέρουν να ξαναβκάλουν τον Τάσσο με τα τασσόπουλα του, με γειά τους με χαρά τους. Εννά λυπηθώ, αλλά σόρι που οι καλλύτεροι εν ζιουν στην Αγια Νήσο. Μακάρι να μπορούσαμε να μεταναστεύσουμε στην χώρα της Ουτοπίας, αλλά άκουσα ότι εν υπάρχει, τελικά!!!
ΥΓ. Τα περί ίσης και ισότιμης ψήφου, θυμίζουν μου τον Ζουράρι, που εμπήκε μια φορά στην τάξη που μας έκαμνε μάθημα έξαλλος, γιατί η ψήφος των 18χρονων ήταν ίσια ίσια με τη δική του. Τζαι έκαμεν μας επίθεση. Ύστερα που χρόνια εκλέγηκε βουλευτής με τις κόκκινες ψήφους του ΚΚΕ.


Demetris said...

Belated: 3 and 40 years to the dates, almost; oh! what a lovely day to re-introduce rebellious humour into politics. Because what is getting lost with all these elections staff is the ability of a mainly constipated audience, to laugh, and laugh hard at themesleves. To stand at a distance and look back akin that Angelus. However, this is not the first sign of humour, of bile even, taking a leave from blogs. Those who know, know. And it makes you think if the coffeshop wasn't always already here, as straightforward, literal coffeeshop. Enter: The Farting Orchestra.
To the anonymous commentator of the post under this: I take this oportunity to express my apologies to you. Chris Rock has withdrawn his interest for candidacy - or Cypriot politics as such. He has left behind a substitution though. A fit-ting one: Chris Pash.
Follow suit.

Rincewind said...

"Tassikos' last comment was removed due to its offensive nature."

το παραπάνω comment ειναι ακριβως κατω που το deleted comment.Ισως να ειναι λια τα αγγλικα μου αλλα εγω καταλαβω οτι το comment ηταν του Τασσικου και οι του νουλλι. Τελοσπαντων απλως ειχα απορια ποιος εχει δικαιο με το κομμεντ

Παμε παρακατω. Ο κυριος Κίσσιγκερ πριν αρκετα χρονια ελεγε "…Δεν βλέπω γιατί πρέπει να καθόμαστε αμέτοχοι και να παρακολουθούμε μια χώρα να γίνεται κομμουνιστική εξαιτίας της ανευθυνότητας του λαού της…" και, "…Τα πράγματα παραείναι κρίσιμα για να επιτρέψουμε να πάρουν τις αποφάσεις οι Χιλιανοί ψηφοφόροι" Τουτην την λογικη μου ενθυμισε το ποστ. Καμετε ολαν κανενα πραξηκοπημα να σωσετε την Κυπρο αν επανεκλεγει ο Τασσος. Εχουμε και πολλους με πειρα σε τουτην την χωρα που μπορουν να σας βοηθησουν.

Anonymous said...

Η CIA επροχώρησε πολλά που τον τζιαιρό του Κίσσιγκερ. Εν χρειάζεται να κάμει δεύτερο πραξικόπημα στην Κύπρο, όποιος τζιαι να κερδίσει τες εκλογές, ειδικά ο Τάσσος. Μια χαρά κάμνουν τες δουλειές τους δαμαί, με την πλήρη έγκριση της συντριπτικής πλειοψηφίας των Ελληνοκύπριων οι οποίοι εχάψαν το παραμύθι του δήθεν αντιαμερικανισμού. Έτσι ένι. Στο πρώτο στάδιο καταστολή, στο δεύτερο προπαγάνδα, στο τρίτο χάφτουν το μόνοι τους το παραμύθι, τζιαι συντηρούν το μόνοι τους το σύστημα ιδεολογικά τζιαι οικονομικά. Κάπου στην Αμερική έσιει μια σχολή η CIA, τζιαι τους τελειόφοιτους δείχνουν τους για παράδειγμα χώρας όπου το σύστημα δουλεύκει τέλεια την Κύπρο.

Anonymous said...

Πως αισθάνονται οι Ακελικοί οπαδοί του Ανάν όταν διαβάζουν το post του Νούλλη. Ο άνθρωπος εν απίστευτος. Τέτοια φασιστικά έχω πολλυν τζιαιρο να ακούσω.

Δηλαδή για να καταλάβω, αν η καθαρίστρια της μάνας του δεν έπρεπε να ψηφίζει πόσοι που τους εποίκους που θα μας μείνουν αγγονίν με ή χωρίς Ανάν πρέπει να έχουν αυτό το δικαίωμα; Πόσοι που τους Πόντιους; Πόσοι που τους γέρους; Τζιαί ύστερα, ποιό μορφωτικό επίπεδο επιτρέπει να έχει κάποιος δικαίωμα ψήφου; Πτυχίο, μαστερ, διδακτορικό ή απλώς πιστοποιητικό ευφυίας (ή ταύτισης) από το Νούλλη;

Τούτος ενεν απλώς ελιτιστής, είναι επικίνδυνος φασίστας. Να τον σιαίρεστε.

Noullis said...


pe mou, otan epkiaes adeia odhgou ekatses e3etaseis h O.i.?