Apres moi le deluge

'Apres mois le deluge' (After me the deluge, i.e. total collapse) said Louis XV who ran the French monarchy into the ground. The phrase has since become synonymous with arrogant politicians and business leaders alike. Now we see this attitude being adopted by Tassos who is pulling the strings behind the scenes to make sure the collapse comes but he will be there to save the country in its hour of need.

His primary objective is to weaken AKEL and destroy DIKO. Why? Because he cannot forgive Christofias for calling him a liar and uncovering his machinations at Burgenstock in the case of AKEL and never cared much for DIKO which he just used to come to power. Remember Spyros Kyprianou accused him of being the mastermind behind the plot aginst him in 1977 and was always wary of him, even when Enosis Kentrou joined DIKO. Tassos got his revenge on Spyros by taking control of DIKO and slowly replacing Spyros' men with his own, culminating in the ousting of Nicos Kleanthous by Marios Karoyan and making his godson Kenevezos the General Secretary.

Remember also that Tassos was the original chameleon, compared to whom Lillikas is a poor clone. Tassos was co-founder of the Enaion Komma with Glafkos Clerides, ditched the party in 1976 and stood as an independent to get a seat in the Vouli, set up Enosis Kentrou in opposition to DIKO, was rabidly anti-communist all of his political life and founded Kyrikas (with Lazaros Mavrou as leader writer) to fight federation as a solution. One still wonders how Christofias was taken in in 2003 unless like the majority of Cypriots he has a short-term memory.

That is the Why. Now for the How:

First the weakening of AKEL. By forcing Christofias back into the tripartite alliance (trimerous) Tassos knows that Christofias will have a difficult time governing the country. He will have to rely on the support of DISY to push for a solution, which will make him look weak in the eyes of his grassroot members and he will see any attempt to introduce economic or social change blocked by DIKO and DISY.

Meanwhile EDEK which will insist on the Ministry of Defence once again will make hay as they did before. At the same time Nicos Katsourides, the man seduced by Tassos with an entree to Nicosia high society, will continue sidelining AKEL ideologues the way he did with Andreas Christou and Eleni Mavrou.

The destruction of DIKO. The theory is that whenever DIKO was in power with DISY, it lost members. The unpalatable fact is that there is a section of people, mostly civil servants, army, police etc., who back the governing party no matter which it is in the hope of promotions, appointments, government tenders etc., and when AKEL becomes the governing party they will vote for it and cut down DIKO once again in the next parliamentary elections. AKEL will kick it out of the trimerous because it will be too small to be useful but Christofias will find it just as difficult to pass any legislation.

With DIKO in disarray Enosis Kentrou will be revived as the only reliable party for the rightwing, DISY having been discredited by its support for Akel on the Cyprus solution.

Finally, why did Tassos not support a DISY-DIKO alliance? Because none of the above could be brought into play.


the idiot mouflon said...

This is why I consider it crucial to strongly express a dislike for ALL the tASSOS pawns (official or unofficial) that have infiltrated both Kasou's and Christof's camps... and that is why i think the message should be loud and clear to both candidates: "We will NOT support anyone who has asked for their backing".

Keep in mind, the next parliamentary elections are not so far away and ... in them there is much room for a "protest party", e.g. one that declares Federation as its sole goal and reason for being.

anef_oriwn said...

@ idiot mouflon,

Εμπρός λοιπόν… Πεδίο της δόξης λαμπρό ανοίγεται μπροστά σ’ όλους εσάς τους διαμαρτυρόμενους και απέχοντες, αριστερίζοντες και μη για τη δημιουργία αυτού του "protest party"! Έχετε μπόλικο χρόνο μπροστά σας για να οργανωθείτε! Και έτσι δεν θα αναγκάζεστε να προσεταιρίζεστε τον οποιαδήποτε θα πει μεταξύ άλλων και δυο κουβέντες με τις οποίες συμφωνείτε!

Παρασκευή 22/2/2008 – 10:44 μ.μ.

Ρίψασπις said...

I expect that's exactly what DIKO and Tassos are planning. In fact, I don't think anyone in their right minds disagrees with you. It's not the plan that matters, however, but how Christofias reacts to it. You effectively ask "would Christofias become a puppet of DIKO and Tassos"? The million dollar question.

All presidents so far, Vassiliou excluded, followed similar patterns while in office. First they promised they would do exactly what the coalition parties asked for, and then did exactly what they themselves wanted. As far as the EU application goes even Vassiliou did it.

The coalition parties had the option of walking out once they got screwed, which of course they wouldn't do. In Cyprus you must be in power to push your own people in the public sector and public funds to your satellites in the private sector. Hence they all stayed in full support until planning ahead allowed them to move to a new direction (or a new bet, depending on how you view elections).

Does Christofias have the balls to screw his partners?

What you don't ask, and maybe one of his fans can elaborate on, is the same question but with Kasoulides as the subject.

Will he be able to thwart pressure from the church now that he embraced the archbishop on Monday morning? Will he be able to resist against the far right in DHSY, which has stepped into the spotlight this week? Will he be able to approach the Turkish Cypriots without intending to explain to them why "Cyprus is Greek" is not nationalist?

Some people assume that Christofias has the balls while Kasoulides doesn't. Some assume that Kasoulides has the balls while Christofias doesn't. In my opinion, we don't know shit. Neither of them has the chance to flash his balls yet. We just masturbate mentally (this is where you think of [insert-name-here]'s enormous balls), imagining our favorite fucking his partners up the ass. There's a picture...

the Idiot Mouflon said...

Non of them has any. If they did, they would have spat on the faces of all the fanatics that suppported "the one" instead of gently kissing their nether regions.

το Ηλίθιο Αγρινό said...

"...Και έτσι δεν θα αναγκάζεστε να προσεταιρίζεστε τον οποιαδήποτε θα πει μεταξύ άλλων και δυο κουβέντες με τις οποίες συμφωνείτε!"

Δίκαιο έχεις. Άλλωστε ποτέ δεν είχα σχέση με το ΑΚΕΛ, παρά το ότι παππούς μου ήταν ο μακαρίτης Χαμπής Μιχαηλίδης, βουλευτής του ΑΚΕΛ για πάνω από 20 χρόνια και ΓΓ της ΕΚΑ... και πατέρας μου ο μακαρίτης Αντώνης Μιχαηλίδης, δημοσιογράφος της Χαραυγής για πάνω από 20 χρόνια... μέχρι που -όπως λέει και απόφαση δικαστήρίου -παράνομα τον απέλυσαν για πολιτικούς λόγους.

Θέλεις να πεις εσύ τις υπόλοιπες λεπτομέριες ή να αρχίσω εγώ να φωνάζω στα βραχέα;

Photini said...

@ ripsastis: I don't think Louis XV's plan would have worked with Kasoulides because DISY was far more prepared to work with AKEL, primarily on the Cyprus question than AKEL with DISY (as polls showed) and the party would have approved, whilst the partnership with DIKO would have been on economic and social matters and the NO camp would have been sidelined and eventually become a small group of fanatics maybe joining Koutsou and his loonies.

As for the Archbishop does anyone believe Chrysostomos would have stayed quiet after the church elections? I honestly don't think Kasoulides promised him anything more than to listen carefully to his opinions. Let's put it another way, it was Chrysostomos who needed some 'hook' to be able to come out with his endorsement.

Anyway, we are focusing on details instead of on the overall picture and the inherent dangers. I think Christofias can only govern likeminded forces, i.e. his own party and family (as he said in the debate) but showed he could not deal with Tassos for four and half years. Kasoulides, mild mannered as he seems, can be tough and most important of all, is prinicipled.

gregoris said...

kasoulides has demonstrated to us that he is more prepared to adopt a rejectionist policy than christofias in his dealings with deko.he has also demonstrated that he is not principled since he has allowed, inflamed or was unable to control the nationalist anticommunist hysteria in his name
there is simply no comparison: either we move forward with reforms in education or we remain stuck to ethnocentrist conceptions

anef_oriwn said...

@ (ΠΑΝ)Ηλίθιο Αγρινό,

Άμα γουστάρεις φώναζε και στα μακρά! Σhύλλο που λάσσει α(φ)ηστον να λάσσει! Εν να του περάσει! (Παρεμπιπτόντως το θέμα ούτε με αγγίζει και ούτε με αφορά).
Όμως όποιος έχει μούγιαν μουγιάζεται! Εσύ μίλησες για το ότι “…there is much room for a "protest party"” , και αφού “…ποτέ δεν είχες σχέση με το ΑΚΕΛ …”, προς τι η αναφορά στον παππού σου!
Οι τίτλοι τιμής για την προσφορά (κοινωνική, πολιτική, κομματική) κάποιου μέλος της οικογένειας αποτελούν τιμή για όλη την οικογένεια όμως δεν βάζουν τον οποιοδήποτε απόγονο ή επίγονο στο απυρόβλητο!

Σάββατο 23/2/2008 – 5:23 μ.μ.

the idiot mouflon said...

Ωραία, τώρα να μας εξηγήσεις πως και γιατί ΔΕΝ πείθετε κόσμο που γεννήθηκε μεσ' το κόμμα...

Για το δε θέμα που δεν σε αφορά, αφορά άμεσα την εκάστοτε ηγεσία του κόμματος...

the idiot mouflon said...

PS. αρέσκει μου άμα θυμώνεις, φανερώνει φόβο.