Can you hear the violins?

On last night's CBC political talk show "Proektasis", Kareklas hosted AKEL's Andros Kyprianou, DIKO's George Kolokassides, and DISY's Christos Pourgourides.

As expected the show was at first dominated by the evergreen Cyprob, the new President's approach to the negotiation process, and the proposed meeting of the President with Mehmet Ali Talat next week.

It was fun to watch Kyprianou and Pourgourides agreeing on just about all points. I could hear violins... The talk show morphed into an interesting game of "sort the opposition from the coalition", with Pourgourides saying "we will be more able to support a solution from the opposition rather than from the Government". The political landscape is now set to provide us with more entertainment than ever before. God knows we deserve it.

It was even more fun hearing Kolokasides trying to revive the Great Annan Terror, by accusing Pourgourides of reviving the Annan Plan as a point of reference for the upcoming negotiations. Only to be cut down by, of all people, Kareklas himself with "But Mr. Kolokasides, what Mr. Pourgourides said was no more and no less than what Tassos Papadopoulos said..."

DISY chairman Anastasiades, talking to TV reporters earlier, when he announced the return of his party to the National Council, was even funnier. "If (AKEL) indeed fulfils what they have promised, we will be happy not to exercise opposition".

I hope this time around, when the going does get rough, these guys are able to negotiate a better solution than last time (all right, chuckle sarcastically if you wish, but there's no tax on hope) so that if indeed we go with a negotiated solution, it has a hope of working.

And I hope that if it does come to another impasse, these guys handle it so we don't end up carrying the can like last time. If in 2004 there had been none of the totally un-necessary scare-mongering and hysteria before the referendum, and none of the even more un-necessary witch hunting, name calling and smearing after the referendum, the No vote - which, as was obvious at the time of the run-up to the referendum, would have carried the day anyway - could have become political gold for our leadership, enabling them to continue negotiating from a stronger position. But Grand Alchemist Tassos and his minions turned gold to dirt.

I bet DIKO, and especially the Tassos faction, are seething, and together with the more rejectionist elements in EDEK they are chomping at the bit to start laying into Christofias for "treason" and "sellout". Let's see how long it takes before the dogs break out of the kennel.


milaz said...

"It was fun to watch Kyprianou and Pourgourides agreeing on just about all points. I could hear violins... The talk show morphed into an interesting game of "sort the opposition from the coalition","

Ahhh Cypriot "politics"... don't you just love it...

This is what drives me up the wall... DISY and AKEL agree an almost everything (yes even economics), they differ in history...

the Idiot Mouflon said...

Direct propaganda will now be brought to us via MEGA.

CyBC can only relay statements such as the one by Mikis Theodorakis, emphasizing the evil nature of American aggression and explaining the good nature of Russian and Serbian aggresion. It's like Panousis had said years ago... American nuclear missiles... bad... Soviet missiles... good.

Aceras Anthropophorum said...

Όλοι του Δήκο τζαι της Εδέκ δεν είναι απορριπτάρες. Μην ομοδοποιείτε τες συμπεριφορές τζαι να τους ματσώννεται. Έχουμεν τους ανάγκην. Ο Κολοκασίδης δεν είναι όλο το Δήκο. Εξάλλου τζαι τζείνος μπορεί τζαι να σούζεται. Την νύχταν των εκλογών έφυεν του τζαι είπεν μετά την μεγάλην ήτταν "ίσως τζαι μεις θα πρέπει να ξαναδούμεν την πολιτικήν μας..." Όσοι είπαν όχι στο σχέδιον Ανάν δεν θέλουν διχοτόμηση. αν ήταν έτσι η Κύπρος δεν θα εξαναθώρεν άσπρη μέρα.

το Ηλίθιο Αγρινό said...

Όσοι όμως εξακολουθούν να πιστεύουν πως οι Ναι-νέκοι είναι για κρέμασμα, πως η αντίθετη γνώμη είναι πληρωμένη και προδοτική, πως ... ξέρεις εσύ...

Και όσοι πιστεύουν πως καμία παραχώρηση δεν πρέπει να γίνει προς τους ΤΚ; Είναι πιό αναγκαίοι για μια λύση από τους ίδιους τους ΤΚ;

Aceras Anthropophorum said...

Δεν προτείνω να δώσουμεν κώλο για την "ενότητα". Τωρά όμως τα πράματα αλλάξαν τζαι αυτοί οι ανθρώποι δεν έχουν το απάνω χέρι. Τζαι μην μου πεις "αφού το δήκο και εδέκ υποστηρήξαν Χριστόφια... άρα..." Τα γεγονότα να θωρούμεν. Εγώ προς το παρόν δεν είδα από την πλευρά μας μια δήλωση ή μια πράξη που να στηρίζει έτσι φόβο. Θωρώ αντίθετα τον Τταλάτ να τα χάνει τζαι να λαλεί πράματα που με ανησηχούν παραπάνω για τες προοπτικές λύσης. Με τόση επίθεση φιλίας τον επερίμενα να ππέσει στα αγγάλια των ελληνοκυπρίων τζαι να επωφεληθεί της κατάστασης για να μας βοηθήσει να περιθωριοποιήσουμεν τέλεια τες δυνάμεις που θέλουν διχοτόμηση.

Νομίζω ότι η περιθωριοποίηση των διχοτομικών τάσεων στον κόσμο δεν μπορεί να γίνει με κραυγές νίκης τζαι με τάσεις τσαλαπατήματος των πολιτικών που τες εκφράζουν, αλλά με επίμονη δουλειά για να πείσουμεν τους συμπολίτες μας που φοούνται (όι χωρίς βάση) να νεκατωθούμεν πάλε με τους Τούρκους. Η δυναμική της λύσης είμαι σίγουρος ότι μπορεί να πάρει μαζί της έναν μεγάλον ποσοστό του κόσμου που εφοητζιάζετουν που τον προηγούμενο πρόεδρο.

kyriakos said...

The time is near my friend

Just about when the next negotiation progress take place everything will be over for edek and diko..

But till then… let us all eat and drink together..

Anonymous said...

The only people "seething" are DISY supporters who keep claiming that EDEK and DIKO will finally go the way of the dodo bird.

Get over it already, the elections are over and your party is not in the government. Please deal with it as this whining from you guys has become tiresome. I mean how many times must the same garbage be regurgitated?

Are there differences? With every coalition there is, it is to be expected. But what do you DISY supporters know? You can't even get EUROKO to side with you against AKEL. I tell you, now that's pathetic. In fact, we here in the ruling coalition expect EUROKO to receive more votes from DISY supporters in the next election as the DISY leadership is useless and is highly unlikely that they will govern in the next century. :-)

I expect a seething reply, dont let me down boys. Let me know how you really feel.........


Anonymous said...

@ aceras: I referred to "especially the Tassos faction" in DIKO, and "the more rejectionist elements" in EDEK. I am well aware that not everybody in those parties is an unrepentant rejectionist.

@ anonymous, and every other "anonymous" out there: don't even bother commenting on any of my posts anonymously. Until you obtain from somewhere the small amount of imagination it takes to choose a pseudonym, and the not much bigger amount of guts it takes to stick to the one you choose and not try to pass yourself off as either the "anonymous crowd" or as fifteen different people, I am not about to grace your cowardly snipes from the gallery with any other reply.

Anonymous said...

Blogger stravoxylo, thank you for that witty come back. Now, for all those who think EDEK and DIKO will some how implode and we will only be left with DISY and AKEL....i have one simple question.

In which EU country is there no centralist or socialist party?

Where do you guys come up with this imagination? I mean i here it from work as well. DISY supporters talking with each other on this week will be THE week that DIKO divides. There will always be a centralist party and there will always be a socialist party in Cyprus because (and very much like the rest of the EU) certain people arent attracted to either extremes of the political spectrum. This is where your party, DISY and its leadership cant grasp that reality. It actually thinks that it can win the presidency without building a coalition. And i am not talking about a left right coalition. I am talking about a right wing coalition. Ohh and by the way, the current coalition is:

EUROKO will most like agree with the policies on the Cyprus issue and DISY??

DISY? We'll get'em next time?