Vote Tassos! (just kiddin'!)

I suggest that whoever is elected the next president should refrain from moving in to the presidential palace so that Tassos can move in. It's the least we can do for the man who almost proved that the 1960s were not yet over.

He can also keep a small army of fawns and nymphs (both male and female) skimpily clad in the flag of the republic and prance around the woods - preferably in slow motion and soft focus.

By his mere silence the man has managed to inspire DIKO to support Christofias in Sunday's run-off. By his mere silence, the gang of parties that supported him is rallying around Jimmy. Even Perdikis has eaten his hat and will support Jimmy even though he has not yet been promised a cabinet post.

But even though their man is a wannabe kingmaker, TeePees supporters seem not to have realised that the last of the Mohicans has been sent back to Strakka by over two-thirds of the voting population.

We may still prove we are slightly more mature than the grown up world gives us credit for.


Anonymous said...

Οστις μού κάμει την καλύτερην πιπούαν, ούτος θα λάβει και το χρίσμαν


Noullis said...

e kame tou tote na se volepsei!

the Idiot Mouflon said...

Μα γιατί διαδίδεις αυτές τις αισχρότητες για τον Εθνάρχη; Σε πληρώσαν οι ξένοι να διαδώσεις ότι αρέσκεται σε ομοφυλοφιλικές πράξεις; Ξενοκίνητε, έ ξενοκίνητε.