A Kingdom for a Horse

There's horse-trading and there's horse-trading. This is unavoidable during these presidential elections as it has been with every previous showdown. Then we have mudslinging and machinations that invariably appeal to the Middle Easterner in us all. To be fair, it also contains more than a dash of byzantine maneuvering.

In the old days the mud slinging and melodrama had to take much more extreme forms ranging from virtual kidnappings to accusations of espionage. So, even before the fans gather to take their seats in anticipation of the Mother of all Cup Finals the 'crews' have to get to work. And kidnapping does not need to be an option as we have more means of communication available than one can shake a stick at. And, unlike football, the violence does not need to mar the aftermath of the game.

Choose your weapon, loonies. It can take the form of bilious comments (as we have seen time and time again) that really ought to remain in place for all to enjoy and have a chuckle, as it becomes obvious that the only talent they have mastered is cut, paste and forward. Ahh, the children of a lesser brain - bless them for entertaining us in their own moronic manner.

As for the offensive text messages transmitted by loonies across the political spectrum of brainless fanaticism, one can feel offended. For a few seconds. But, to be quite honest, I'm more disturbed by an SMS I occasionally get reminding "Dear Militsa" that sports bras can be bought at a considerable discount. I know I need to get to a gym but these little messages are a bit too much. If I were to get melodramatic about the effect they have on my psyche I don't think I'd ever get laid! So, no, I won't fall prey to melodrama on this one or any manner of extremeist on-line idiocy. But hooligans cannot kill a sport.

The recently ousted president has gone to ground and I'm certain that he's getting a huge kick out of seeing how much damage he can do to all parties left to stand and fight. Calling in favours to stir things up before retiring, the big loser of the presidential elections, is simply behaving like the child who would rather break all his toys for the mere satisfaction of seeing the other kids cry.

And many are those who have had it with both remaining candidates. They too could play a role if they insist on casting a blank vote and get organised for the next showdown. Blogging en masse is but the tip of the iceberg. But more blank votes is something Tassos would love to see at this moment. If nothing else, he would see it as sticking it to Jimmy for calling him a liar. And an SMS or two could also stick it to Yiannakis. The more string TeePee has access to, the more he'll pull.

I'm glad Tassos is out, but I'd rather see him stay farther.


AXL said...


O Tassos efien tin perasmeni Kyriaki.

Kata ta Alla:


Pou tin mian

Pollakis Sarris
K. Giorkatzis

Pou tin allin

Noullis said...

Efiyen a? Pese pou tzin to pleuro. Ara na ypo8esoumen oti den asxoleitai ka8olou. Efiyen tziai o Lillikas tziai oute tzeinos prokeitai n'asxolh8ei.

AXL said...


Pws niotheis pou simperiferese san kai aftous prospathontas na dimiourgisis fovies?

the Idiot Mouflon said...

There is also the option of rendering a vote void rather than casting a blank. And you can do that by simply writing "NO to"... followed by a list of all the pawns tASSOS has ridden the political landscape with.

He wanted a loud "OXI" and I wanna give him plenty. I'm feeling generous.

anef_oriwn said...

Most of us haven’t got such suffering dilemmas! For example I’m going to vote again for CHRISTOFIAS!

Παρασκευή 22/2/2008 – 6:38 π.μ.

Noullis said...

@ AXL:

Sit the ball down, my friend. To me Tassos was a more disruptive and negative force than all the others you mention put together. To assume that he has merely retired to Strakka to watch DVDs and munch on chipitos is a bit naive.

@ Moufflon:

I think it's a fucking shame when one is driven to either a blank or void vote. And your decision to rather do that, is something I can understand and with which I empathise. When our endemic mountain sheep are pissed off I am saddened.

My point with the blank vote as an alternative stems from the fact that there was barely a 1% blank count during the initial round. The 'silence' of a blank, therefore, may resound louder.

@ anef:

Some people prefer dilemma-free lives and I respect that.

Aceras Anthropophorum said...

Νούλλη να προσέχεις που τους Τάσσους που έχετε μέσα στον συναγερμόν. Είναι χειρότεροι τζαι τους ξέρεις καλύτερα που μέναν. Με έχετε απογοητεύσει. Πλήρως. Λυπούμαι.

AXL said...


Pienne arwtan ton Nikaron na sou pei gia ton tasson.

Isws tote na anakalipseis oti DEN eime naive.

Opotan tha epimeinw.

O Tassos eteliwsen tin proigoumenin Kyriakin.

Ta parapoulia aplothikan Pera Dothe.


Noullis said...

@ Aceras:

Otan mou les "exete" se poious akribws apeu8ynesai? Se kapoia fatria Noullidwn? Gia onoma tou 8eou dhladh!

Aceras Anthropophorum said...

απευθύνομαι στην παράταξη (όχι κατ ανάγκη κόμμα) που είναι πίσω που τον Κασουλίδη. Είχα πιστέψει ότι η νεοδεξιά εν καλλύττερη. Είμαι σίγουρος τωρά ότι αν μπορούσαμεν να ξαναφέρουμεν τες συνθήκες του 1953, του 1963, του 1973 τζαι η μόνη αλλαγή που θα κάμουμεν ήταν να αλλάξουμεν τους ανθρώπους τζαι να βάλουμεν στην θέσην αυτών που εσφάξαν πλάσμαν αυτούς που είναι νέοι τζαι γιαλλίζουν, θα ξαναευρισκόμασταν μπορστά στα ίδια γεγονότα. Δεν το λέω γιατί σιαίρουμαι. Το λέω από απογοήτευση τζαι λύπη. Ίσως τζαι από φόβο.

Δεν μπορώ να αποδείξω τίποτε. Αλλά το πιστεύω τόσον βαθειά που νόμίζω ότι είναι σαν τον νόμον της βαρύτητας τον τζαιρόν που κανένας δεν τον είχεν ακόμα αποδείξει.

Για αυτόν είπα στον Νικόλα να διαφυλάξουμεν τες συνθήκες που δεν επιτρέπουν σε κασάπηες να βγάζουν τες ππάλες από τα θηκάρια. Για το χρήμαν τζαι την εξουσίαν Homus hominis lupus αγαπητέ Νουλλη (για αυτούς που δεν ξέρουν λατινικά, οι λατίνοι ελαλούσαν "για τον άνθρωπον ο άνθρωπος είναι λύκος"). Και οι lupus στην Τουρκίαν είναι γκρίζοι, στην Κύπρον έχουν άλλο χρώμα τζαι στες τωρινές συνθήκες κρύβονται. Μακάρι οι μή λύκοι στην παράταξη σου να έχετε πάντα το επάνω χέρι, διότι μπορεί να φκάλετε τζαι πρόεδρο άυριο τζαι θα τους λουθούμεν ούλλοι μας, όπως ελουθήκαμεν τες αντικατοχικες υστερίες που εσωπάσαν όταν οι ποτζιοί οι λύκοι εδακκάσαν τζαι εσκοτώσαν 2 στη Δερύνεια. Τότες αυτός που τώρα σε εμπνέει αγαπητέ μου Νούλλη ήταν υπουργός. Τζιαι τωρά την μιάν μέρα "τολμά" να πεί "ΕΓΩ δεν θα συμβουλευτώ τον αρχιεπίσκοπον για τον υπουργόν παιδίας" τζαι 3 ημέρες μετά λαλεί τζαι ΚΑΜΝΕΙ αυτά που ακούσαμεν τζαι ΕΙΔΑΜΕΝ.

Noullis said...

@ aceras:

Mwlis entopisw thn parata3h mou 8a tous ta diabibasw.