Message From Tassos?

As the incumbent's popularity dwindles, this is the sort of speech we may expect to see Lillkas or Omirou deliver. Hmm, maybe even Syllouris...

It's amazing how the incumbent's support keeps dwindling. And as it dwindles the little lapdogs come out to play. Tassos supporters have been infesting the comments section of blogs such as this for a while now. And as the elections get closer all the halfwits and Tassos supporters with water on the brain have bombarded the blog with idiotic, off-topic and boring as dry shit in a desert type of overlong and verbose rants.

Some of our regulars go by multiple nicknames (the all time favourite having been the highly imaginative 'anonymous') but the content has but a few constant themes. The Annan plan, resistance, bloody foreigners and - as of ate - the evil Cyprus Mail. They're funny to read until you realise some of these confused puppies, foaming at the mouth, actually believe they shite they spew.

So, yes, the level of immaturity becomes sad. And sad is the lack of vision. Sad is the inferiority complex, the xenophobia coupled with more than an unhealthy dose of self contradiction coupled with delusion.

Sad is the fanaticism with which all these inward looking and highly insecure puppies rally round the worst and most paranoid president this country has ever suffered under.

It will be even sadder if we do not turn Cyprus into a Tassos-Free zone.

Say NO to Tassos.

Choose Life!


coppa said...

Why are you calling Cypriots that do not agree with turning Cyprus into a communist state fanatics? You are the fanatic and communism collapsed in Europe in the 1990s. Do try and get over it.

Choose life by choosing a job. Quit trying to create a welfare state.

Aceras Anthropophorum said...

Φανταστείται τι πράμαν εν ο Τάσσος για να κάμει τους συναγερμικούς να ξιφοηθούν ακόμα τζαι τον κομμουνισμόν τζαι να προτιμούν τον Χριστόφκιαν.

Noullis said...

@ coppa:

Please stop taking whatever it is you're on - whether prescribed or not.

Choose life!

Anef_syllour said...

HA!!! This guy sounds like Omirou!

coppa said...

Noullis, great come back--it was wittiest of all remarks. I am wondering about your side kick anef, can he say anything else?

Anef, you chirped the same thing in the other blog. I'll tell ya, it wasn't funny the first time...

anef_oriwn said...

@ Coppa,

Αν και δεν κατάλαβα τι θες να πεις με τα “… side kick anef…” και το “Anef, you chirped the same thing in the other blog. I'll tell ya, it wasn't funny the first time…” (Was it funny the second time?) - εν τα πιάνω τα χωρκάτικα τα εγγλέζικα εγώ, να διευκρινίσω ότι το σχόλιο σου δεν με αφορά καθώς ο Anef_Syllour είναι άλλο άτομο (και δεν έχει καμία σχέση μαζί μου δηλ. με τον Anef_Oriwn). Ο Anef_syllour είναι ένας προβοκάτορας που υπέκλεψε το nick μου!

Τετάρτη 13/2/2008 – 6:00 μ.μ.

Anonymous said...

agaphte coppa

mporeis esy na kaneis thn swsth exiswsh dhladh diko + edek + evroko + perdikoprasinoi + xoufta kathigiton panepistimiou = 30-33%?
an to diko leei oti einai 17-20%, h edek 8-10% (you wish), evroko 3-5% kai prasoikologoi 2-3%, tote to 30% molis pou fkainei mono me to downside. afou xeroume oti evroko kai edek kai pertitzoi echoun xasei edafos, to ypoloipo bothen fkainei?